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Light library to add touch gesture (pinch zoom) to individual images using vanilla HTML5 / JS

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Add touch gestures (pinch zoom and touch drag) to an image (like Google Maps).

Based on a canvas element for smooth rendering.

Plain HTML5 / vanilla JS, no external libraries needed.

Tested in Chrome 28, Firefox 21, Android Browser 4.2.2 and Firefox for Android 18

Github repo :


See a live example here :

Define a container in which the image will be able to be resized and moved, then add a canvas element.

The image will be scaled to cover all the container so if you want the image to be showed at its original size by default then set the container size to match the image original size (see example).

        <div> <!-- set desired position and size to that div -->
            <canvas id="mycanvas" style="width: 100%; height: 100%"></canvas>

        <script src="img-touch-canvas.js"></script>
            var gesturableImg = new ImgTouchCanvas({
                canvas: document.getElementById('mycanvas'),
                path: "your image url"


(c) 2013 Romain BEAUDON This code may be freely distributed under the MIT License